Business With Integrity was created intentionally to help founders grow successful, profitable brands that positively impact the world.

The Business with integrity Framework

Peter Longwort


I’m Pedro,

Founder of Business With Integrity.

No one can deny that businesses impact the people they serve, and that impact is often not for the better.

Greed and limited accountability fuel “business as usual,” while unethical business tactics contribute to our society’s mental health crisis, which is at the root of a long list of issues facing our collective well-being.

When people’s needs are met, and they feel secure and supported as human beings, the whole of society—the whole of humanity—prospers.

That’s why at Business With Integrity, we help entrepreneurs and business leaders change the way business is done so they can grow and scale in more meaningful ways.

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Most founders feel overwhelmed with the complexities of growing a business. You’ve tried different business programs that have left you unsatisfied and burned out as they ask you to copy and paste what everyone else is doing. By tackling it all on your own so far, you feel you’ve become your biggest obstacle to growth and making the positive impact you desire. It’s time to break free of your limitations because when your business strategy and heart aren’t absolutely aligned…

You grapple with an unsettling fear of failure that eats at you, causing you to doubt your abilities and question if scaling is truly possible for your niche.

You struggle with feeling defeated, questioning if your past failures mean this is as far as you and your market can go.

You constantly feel unsatisfied as you’ve squeezed yourself and your employees so much and your business is not making the impact you envisioned. 

You harbor an underlying fear of being stuck with mediocre success, never achieving the extraordinary results you’re capable of.

You're haunted by disappointment in the business programs you’ve tried as they’ve proven unsustainable over time.

You're trapped in a vicious cycle of chasing profits, losing sight of your original purpose and vision.

Your business can be profitable and make a positive impact on the world. There is such a thing as a clear plan and strategy that aligns with your values. One optimized not just for income but also for fulfilling your highest impact. That's exactly what the Business With Integrity Framework is all about: growth and impact.

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We believe business has the potential to create the biggest impact for making a meaningful difference in the world. That’s why we’re putting our money and resources where our mouth is.

When you buy one of our programs, we give one away.

We give 30% of profits to support mental health.

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Core Values

At Business With Integrity we are:


We have a deep, unusual passion for what we do.


We appreciate, respect and have faith in one another’s abilities and word.


We relentlessly give without expectation, and raise the bar in everything we do.


We embody honesty, fairness, and transparency in every decision and action.


Be confident in taking decisive actions knowing that we stand by your side.


In every success or setback, we stand together, ready to move forward as one.


We engage in open dialogue, listening deeply, and speaking candidly.


We champion collective intelligence to accomplish extraordinary results.


We believe we function best when we don’t take ourselves too seriously.