Hey, I’m Pedro.

I created Business With Integrity because I believe I am not alone in wanting business to do better, to be better, to the people it serves and the world we share.

Our mission is to help entrepreneurs and business leaders change the way business is done so they can grow & scale in more meaningful ways.

One of my greatest achievements has been helping to build numerous industry-leading brands that positively impact millions of lives all around the world. Because of this, I’m often asked, “How did you get started?”

It all began at age five, when I tried on my first suit, a matching replica of my dad’s—just picture classic Men in Black. We were in Las Vegas, attending one of my dad’s work conventions in one of the world's most iconic hotels, the MGM Grand.

Holding my dad's hand while walking across the casino floor, I saw the grand prize on display: one million dollars cash! Twenty-dollar bills sat seductively stacked in neat piles of ten thousand. Gripping my dad's hand tight and smiling, I said, “Dad, I'm going to be a millionaire.”

Before my 25th birthday, I had helped private clients generate many millions of dollars.

This moment drove me to start my own company at age 18. Before my 19th birthday, I was earning a six-figure income. Before my 25th birthday, I had helped private clients generate many millions of dollars. Believe it or not, I felt empty inside, because it was all about the money.

I knew there was something else I wanted from life, something greater than more money, even greater than the appreciation of my clients for the awesome results I helped them achieve. I decided to give it all up, my business, my status, my lifestyle. My friends and family insisted I was crazy and irrational, and at times I agreed with them. Raised in the Bronx, New York, with nothing more than a curiosity for the world and parents who nurtured that curiosity, my young success had been beyond my parents’ dreams for me, and here I was giving it all up to “figure things out.”

That one drastic decision led me on a soul journey.

Meeting My Mentor &
Learning to Do Business Differently

It was a rainy day in Koh Phangan, Thailand. I sat at a little beach café with my laptop and a thick, sweet Thai coffee before me. A man and woman walked in and asked if they could sit at the table I was occupying. I was about to respond when the man, glancing at my computer, said, “It looks like you’re working on something important.”

We spoke about the philosophies we followed in life pertaining to work, relationships, and the world at large while the rain pattered on the roof overhead. His perspective on everything fascinated me, unlike anything else I had encountered up to this point in my life. He had heard my life story, but I knew nothing about him. I finally asked, “What’s your story? What do you do?”

"I help people who are ready to wake up Wake Up." Seeing my blank stare, he continued, "Basically, it's the next step from where you are now."

I left that café with a thousand swirling questions. They barraged my mind and heart day and night. I felt like I was in a pressure cooker and didn’t know when the release valve would be deployed!

I exhausted myself in the pursuit of truth, instead of what I had been told was true, and the pursuit of what felt right to me, instead of what I had been told was right. Thus began the most personal and professional transformative journey I have ever experienced.

It led me to where I am today.

Meeting My Mentor &Learning to Do Business Differently

I believe that in order to master the art of scaling a business with integrity, we need to love those we serve to the point that we’re fully invested in their success and well-being.

When we conduct business with integrity, we begin to see that behind every quantifiable metric is a person with problems to solve and needs to fulfill.

When we see our clients as real human beings with real beating hearts, we go from feeling that we “have to do” certain things to grow our profits to realizing that we “get to do” certain things to better our clients’ lives.

The question becomes, do we use the immense power of business to simply increase wealth? Or to serve people we truly care about and make a meaningful difference in the world?

The choice is ours!

Whether it’s through this communities

AI Business Accelerator

, or

Investment Fund

– whenever you’re ready, we’re in this to make a meaningful difference in your life & business, and ultimately the world.

At Business With Integrity,
we invest in our clients long before they invest in us.

We provide authentic, tangible help long before any money exchanges hands, because we want to ensure you feel good about us and what we can build together.

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It’s in our mission statement.


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In the spirit of us continuing to get to know one another, here’s my proposal.

Take a look at our company’s beliefs which is packed full of principles we hold dear. Read it with a good cup of coffee or savor them with a nice glass of wine.

We have taken the time to distill our ways of being so that you can see where we might be a match, or not.


We believe

...business has the power to make a crucial difference in the world.

...that NOW is the best and only time to do business differently.

...in architecting the meaningful change we want to see in the world.

...in being an example for business leaders who care.

...in building infinite businesses that create legacies to serve future generations.

...in making wise, strategic choices—in business, in life.

...it’s a privilege to do what we do and serve who we serve.

...a sale isn’t complete until results have been delivered.

...in playing for the WIN: for our clients, our team, humanity, and the planet.

...in saying what we mean and meaning what we say, because we respect our audience.

...that relationships take time to build, and one loyal client has value exceeding 20 quick sales.

...in earning trust by providing every client our honest, sincere attention.

...that building a strong foundation in any business sets it up for successfully scaling it when the time is right.

...in eliminating unnecessary friction to unlock the greatest potential in any situation.

...that viewing a problem from multiple angles leads to the best solution.

...results don’t materialize from optimizing individual parts, but from how well the individual parts work together.

...our most important business metric is our overall system score, including our branding, marketing and sales, team and culture.

...in honest self-assessment and regularly auditing our processes and systems.

...in long-term vision, not short-term fixes.

...at any given time there are one to three essential priorities, and it is imperative to know what these are.

...a business leader's ability to think critically in any situation is their number one competitive advantage.

...asking tailored questions leads to the best results/solutions.

...in open, honest dialogue at every stage of an endeavor to allow the best, clearest thinking to prevail.

...that creating clients-for-life is everyone’s job, no matter their job title.

...a vision is achieved not by asking how to accomplish something, but who can best accomplish it.

...a business is only as good as its team, so we put our people first.

...in self-starters who can manage themselves and invest in people who do what needs to doing, without needing to be told to do it.

...in a work culture that supports a healthy lifestyle, because the success of a company is directly linked to the well-being of its people.

...it doesn’t have to be crazy at work and in preserving people's time and attention to focus on real priorities.

...in avoiding the “dumb tax,” so let’s be smart together.

Do you share our communities beliefs?
Then I invite you to join our community of founders, and begin your journey towards doing Business With Integrity.
Towards making a difference in the world. Towards creating a business that is not just profitable, but purposeful.


Founder & Chief Visionary Officer

Core Values

At Business With Integrity we are:


We have a deep, unusual passion for what we do.


We appreciate, respect and have faith in one another’s abilities and word.


We relentlessly give without expectation, and raise the bar in everything we do.


We embody honesty, fairness, and transparency in every decision and action.


Be confident in taking decisive actions knowing that we stand by your side.


In every success or setback, we stand together, ready to move forward as one.


We engage in open dialogue, listening deeply, and speaking candidly.


We champion collective intelligence to accomplish extraordinary results.


We believe we function best when we don’t take ourselves too seriously.