The easiest way to stand out is to do the things that others won't.

As you embark on the journey through this manifesto, I will present some ideas that seem unusual. Yet they are essential in starting a
 conversation that paints a picture of modern entrepreneurship through an "impact-first" lens.

Throughout this manifesto, I'll guide you down unexplored trails, explaining the meaning of what we find.

Leading you closer to the answers you've been seeking. So, settle in and enjoy the ride.

The lack of integrity in the modern business environment has opened up almost limitless opportunities for impact-driven entrepreneurs to 'grow a profitable business and have a positive impact on the world' in ways that were impossible in any other era.

Prediction: Businesses relying solely on traditional business building strategies as the engine of their businesses are a ticking time bomb.

Thesis: This era is ripe for a revolution led by impact driven businesses that prioritize solving meaningful problems, branding with purpose, and marketing with pride. All while implementing non-linear impact models. These are the pillars of leading your market, igniting a revolution in your industry, and uplifting your community in today's world. I call this doing Business with Integrity.

In a world driven by obsessive growth, power, and wealth accumulation, it isn't hard to stand out and disrupt your industry.

How? You do it by doing what others aren't willing to because they are too cool holding tight to what got them to where they've been able to get.

A better way to achieve what you want is to look ahead of the horizon to see where the world is going and position yourself to thrive ten years ahead of your competition vs. trying to do what's already been done.

What this does is build a moat around your business so big that it becomes the definitive choice in your customer's mind.

But to fully appreciate this "claim," we must understand the nuances of what it means to do Business with Integrity.

Some back story.

I remember being in Colorado Springs for a business mastermind when I was handed the book

Evolved Enterprise

with a little note inside that said, "Pedro, here's to the future of business."  Signed -Yanik Silvers

Evolved Enterprise Book

Evolved Enterprise

An Illustrated Guide to Re-Think, Re-Imagine and Re-Invent Your Business to Deliver Meaningful Impact & Even Greater Profits

by Yanik Silver


I was relatively green in business then, and the experience of reading this book was unlike any other business book I had read up to date.

Evolved Enterprise

took me on such a visceral journey of what business could be that it made me fall in love with it, and I've never been the same since.

A good book that challenges your worldview and communicates its thesis clearly does that.

In some ways, it feels like deja vu between what that book did for me and what I am attempting to do for you here.

Either way, it's an honor to share this with you.

I've broken the Business With Integrity Manifesto into four parts.

Each part of this manifesto builds on the former and sets the stage for the next.

So read the parts in sequence, as a serial. I hope this resonates with you. If so, welcome home.

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Core Values

At Business With Integrity we are:


We have a deep, unusual passion for what we do.


We appreciate, respect and have faith in one another’s abilities and word.


We relentlessly give without expectation, and raise the bar in everything we do.


We embody honesty, fairness, and transparency in every decision and action.


Be confident in taking decisive actions knowing that we stand by your side.


In every success or setback, we stand together, ready to move forward as one.


We engage in open dialogue, listening deeply, and speaking candidly.


We champion collective intelligence to accomplish extraordinary results.


We believe we function best when we don’t take ourselves too seriously.